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Payment Gateway


We have made it easy for our friends using Stacks and CityCoins to accept tokens using our payment gateway. The purpose of this payment gateway is to allow a core for merchants to be able to accept Stacks, Citycoin, Miamicoin, NYCcoin, Austincoin and future coins being released. This payment gateway will allow merchants to use popular solutions like WooCommerce by WordPress to sell their items in exchange for their preferred coin.  They will also in the future be able to use this gateway for payroll, mass pay, stacking pool and even ATM options.  We are excited about where this project is heading. 


We Build easy to use apps for our community to use Stacks and CityCoins as payment.

Payment Gateway

We have created a smart contract way for merchants to accept Stacks or Citycoins in exchange for goods or services


Coming soon we will allow the accepted transactions from your merchant wallet be applied to stacking pools

Invoicing and payroll

We will be applying the ability for accounting gurus to receive payment and disburse payment inside our dashboard.

Mobile Friendly

We have already applied the ability to use XVerse wallet for mobile checkouts.


Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

We are listening to our community and many more options for the RootPayments gateway will be coming soon.  We are also looking forward to other plugins being applied to our plugins page.  Available today is our woocommerce plugin but more will come soon.


What You Get

Desktop and Moble solutions

Full API with docs for developers

World Class Support

3rd Party Support

Updates & Fixes

Merchant login

Robust Documentation

Merchant dashboard

Fully Responsive

Build For & Tested by developers

We are a team of developers that also use this gateway for our internal transactions. We eat our own dog food. We have published example and live code examples the way we would like to see and build new apps.